My Paper Mâché Recipe

In my studio we make paper-mâché pulp by using shredded office waste paper and used egg cartons, combined with liquid antibacterial soap (for home use), hot water, and white craft glue. Any paper can be used to make paper-mâché, but it is best not to use newspapers because the printed ink tends to run and leave black stains on the paper pulp.

Pouf from recycled fabric

Crazy About Recycling

Recycling has become an integral part of our daily lives. The need and duty to recycle waste, water, energy, and resources encourages us to get creative in order to successfully cope with these great challenges.

Example of materials for paper-mache from around the world

About paper Mache

All over the world, wherever humankind has made paper and paper-mâché, they used fibers and glue that were commonplace in their natural environment. In ancient Egypt they made paper from papyrus (reeds), in Japan they used the mulberry tree and rice fibers, and in Europe they cotton rags. Natural starches made from rice, wheat, cassava, or hibiscus were used to make glue, adding salts and even toxins to repel insects.

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