Decorated pomegranates in a bowl

Every year we experience the hot summer days, and it’s hard to imagine that one day it will be over and we’ll wake up to a cool and caressing autumn breeze. Despite the heat, the trees are already quietly growing their autumn fruit, with their ultimate ruler – the pomegranate – slowly ripening among the green leaves.

Taking a lesson from these wise trees, I too am growing the paper-mâché pomegranates for the Jewish New Year holidays: Kneading and sculpting the pulp, drying and painting, and joyfully decorating and writing the greetings and good wishes.

This summer brings with it a special welcome greeting: My renewed website is live!

What can you do in the new website:

  • browse the website galleries and enjoy looking through photos of my artwork and my students’ artwork
  • read blog posts about paper-mâché, recycling arts, and everything in between
  • discover new and exciting workshops to participate in
  • purchase paper-mâché artwork, greeting cards, and printed postcards from my online shop (please note the sizing information for each product)

In addition, you can send me a custom order request for a paper-mâché pomegranate in any color you want with a personalized greeting. Custom orders take up to 2 weeks to prepare + pick-up or delivery time. 

If you feel the joy of arts and crafts and have a bit of time, you can even make your own paper-mâché pomegranate based on the video tutorial that I created a few years ago, or schedule a specialty pomegranate workshop at my studio in Karkur. It will be fun!

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