Specialty workshops don’t have fixed dates, we can schedule together whenever it’s convenient. To schedule a specialty workshop, you’re welcome to use the contact form. Check out the Workshops page for the list of available workshops.

Depends on the age of the participants. For children aged 6 or older, a workshop normally last no more than 1.5 hours. For adults, no more than 3 hours.

In normal times, up to 6 participants. Under COVID-19 restrictions, up to 4 participants.

We will wrap them in plastic bags and place them carefully inside a cardboard box, and you can take them home for drying and later on, painting and varnishing. You can also leave the pieces at my studio for drying and pick them up after 10 days.

Absolutely. You can leave the projects at my studio and schedule an additional workshop session for painting and finishing.

Yes, the studio is located on the ground floor with step-free access.


You can pay for your order with Visa or Mastercard credit cards, as well as BIT, PAYBOX, or bank transfer (Israeli bank accounts). Full details and instructions are in the Terms & Conditions (Hebrew page). 

It depends on the payment method. Most payment methods have immediate confirmation, bank transfers might take longer. The order confirmation date is determined based on the payment confirmation date.

Of course! During the order process you can choose “Personal collection from Pardes Hannah Karkur”, and your order confirmation will include further instructions and directions. 

All orders will be ready for shipping or pickup within 3 business days from the order confirmation date. The cost and estimated arrival are determined based on the product type, your location, and the delivery method. If your order includes multiple product types, the shipping cost will be determined based on the type with the higher cost.

Shipping types and prices:

  • Personal collection from Pardes Hannah Karkur: Free, products will be kept in the studio for 14 days from the order confirmation date. 
  • Print products: Postal Services registered mail (with tracking number, usually within 5 business days): Single postcard/greeting card 13 ILS, 6-pack of postcards/greeting cards 16 ILS, 12-pack of postcards/greeting cards 19 ILS.
  • Paper-mâché products:
    • Courier home delivery in Israel (excluding Yehuda VeShomron): 40 ILS, within 4 business days.
    • Postal Services express delivery in Israel and Yehuda VeShomron: 50 ILS, arrival based on the Israeli Postal Services schedule and capacity.
  • Free shipping for all orders of 400 ILS or more for all destinations and product types. 
  • Shipping to addresses outside Israel is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions and high volume of problems with international shipping. Stay tuned for updates when the global situation improves.

General note: I always do my absolute best to ensure prompt delivery, but sometimes mistakes and delays are inevitable. In case of delays or problems with the delivery, please contact me so that we can work together to resolve the problem. Shipping delays that are caused by the courier company or by the Israeli Postal Services will not serve as grounds for cancellations or refunds, except in situations where the Israeli Consumer Protection Laws apply.

Yes, in accordance with the Israeli Consumer Protection Law and in accordance with the site Terms & Conditions

You can request a custom order, and I will determine whether it’s possible based on availability and subject matter of the product. Please use the contact form and describe the product that you want to request. 

All paper-mâché products are handmade and hand-painted one of a kind artworks, and no two products are identical. If you want to order two or more matching paper-mâché products, please use the contact form to request a custom order.


Egg cartons, recycled shredded paper, and white plastic glue (craft glue). Check out the full recipe in my blog. 

Only in a covered area, away from sprinklers and protected from rain and moisture. The materials are all water-based and might melt if they come into extended contact with water.

Wipe with only a dry cloth, soft brush, or slightly damp cloth (not dripping). Do not use cleaning wipes, as they might contain chemicals that are harmful to the paint and varnish. Do not rinse or soak in water! All the materials are water-based and might melt if they come into extended contact with water. 

Yes! All the materials are non-toxic and water-based, and the paints and varnish are acrylic-based and safe for the whole family. 

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